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Shopping guide corner 【3rd】:How to order from Superbuy?
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Many people may have problems with the international purchase such as language, payment ways, delivery and more. If you are viewing this, you seem to find a way to make orders by yourself. Today, we will introduce an easier and reliable way for your reference. Superbuy is here to provide you millions of products from Taobao/Tmall/JD and more and offer you good customer service at any time.

Let’s get started with Superbuy: you need to sign up an account.

  • From PC- You can find the “Sign up” from the homepage, click it and register here.


  • From APP-Click “Me-Sign Up to Get Gift Bag-Sign up” and register on your phone.

Here you need to fill in your email account (available), set the password and fill in the verification code shown on the right. And please check the box below and click the “Sign Up” button. Please activate the account after you get the verification email from Superbuy.

Once you're signed in, please get familiar with your personal navigation menus, where you can easily access your account, your orders, and your profile. And you can click “My Superbuy” to view more details.


On the page of “My Superbuy”, you can find 10 functions here. Please view them first and get clear understandings of them.

How to shop on Superbuy?
After you have signed up your account successfully, you can start shopping now. There are plenty of goods from Chinese Taobao, Tmall and JD for your choice. After you find your goods, please copy the product link and paste it in the Superbuy search box (just like below), click the “Buy for me” and enter the order page.

Placing an order
When you enter the product detailed page, choose the product size, color and quantity, you can choose “Buy now” to finish the payment, or “Add to Cart” for more choices. You can find your “Shopping Agent Cart” on the right, and finish all the payment by “Check Out”. Please check your order again, and click “Submit” for order confirmation.

  • On that step, you need to Choose Destination Country for the international delivery.

  • Here are 9 ways of payments for your choice (More Payment Methods). If you have no more questions, you can finish the payments on that page.

After-sale Service
If you have any suggestions or questions about the order, Superbuy team will help you to solve them. Just go to the homepage and click on "Customer Service", your question will be answered in 24hrs.

In all, we hope you have a nice experience within Superbuy, and get whatever you want from China. As the Chinese New Year is coming, we’ll start our holiday at the end of this month. Anyone who wants to place orders needs to do it as early as you can. Welcome to Superbuy and start your international trade right now!

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