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Shopping guide corner【2nd】: How to shop on Tmall/Taobao if you can't read Chinese?
2019-01-14 771 Views PopupCms
Reasons If you want to buy affordable Chinese products, then you should use Taobao, a popular online marketplace based in China. The big problem is that you need to read Chinese fairly fluently in order to purchase successfully on the website. Based on this fact, here are 2 ways for your choice to shop from Taobao & Tmall if you can’t read Chinese:

First of all, you can select the Shopping Agents that coordinate Taobao transactions, shipping, and delivery. If you can’t read Chinese or if you have problems with shopping from Taobao directly, an agent will be your best chocie!

What is an Agent?
An Agent is someone from China that will buy the products from Taobao for you and deliver to your address. Based on your order form, the agents buy the items from Taobao, and they receive all products for you. Then they package everything and ship it to your home. In addition to the cost of the goods and shipping (both domestically in China and internationally to your address), you pay them the service fee.

Superbuy is an ideal agent choice for global shoppers, like Uber Eats service, but with any Chinese products delivered worldwide. It has over 1 million online customers from over 70 countries and districts. Superbuy offers Shopping agent, Parcel forwarding and Rebates with premium customer service and free live support.

How to use Superbuy?
Superbuy is an automate website, you don’t need to talk with agents. Just shop like Aliexpress or any other website. There are two main steps in ordering from Taobao using Superbuy.

Step I: buy and pay for products and China shipping.

Add the products you want to buy from Taobao, to your Superbuy Account (copy and paste link).

Pay the products and China shipping from seller to your warehouse. China shipping is usually free or around $1.【Payments accepted】: Credit card, bank transfer, Paypal or Alipay.

Superbuy Agents will buy the products for you.

Wait 1-3 days for the product to arrive at your personal storage room in Superbuy warehouse.

Superbuy Agent will give you High Qulity photos of what you bought.

Superbuy Agent will control the products for damages and malfunctions.

If you are not satisfied with the product you can refund it.

If you are satisfied with all products, agents will pack and ready the products and wait for your next decision.

In this time you can order more products or you can confirm then you are ready for Internationl shipping.

Step II: pay for international shipping.

After the Interntional shipping payment, your package will take off from Superbuy warehouse to your door.

Superbuy International Shipping price and time can be checked always here.

Please refer to Superbuy’s website for further details and instructions. Below is a screenshot of the quick order screen.

Secondly, Google Translate may be a good helper.
Translate key words that you are looking for into Chinese via Google Translate. Please note that these would be approximate translations. Then copy/paste the Chinese names in the Taobao search bar and look for matching cover images in the results.

Here is the search box from Taobao:

After entering keywords in the search bar, you can narrow down the results by clicking the checkbox next to Tmall in the menu bar (blue circle in the image below). Then you can look to see which results seem to be most popular by looking for “x人付款” which translates to “how many people pay.” In this way, you can get the most popular goods for your reference.

In all, shopping agent may be the simplest and most practical way for the international trade. If you want to purchase these cost-efficient products with good quality from China, you can try the Superbuy Shopping Agent which offers 5-star customer service and guaranteed delivery. Any questions, please feel free to contact us via the comment.

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