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【Double 11】Pre-order now! Get the Best Double 11 Savings!- PopupCms-PopupCms 返回顶部
【Double 11】Pre-order now! Get the Best Double 11 Savings!
2018-10-29 976 Views PopupCms

The world’s largest 24-hour shopping event, Double 11 Carnival (Nov. 11th) is arriving! More than 140,000 brands and hundreds of millions of consumers will participate in this event this year. A plenty of products will be sold with special offers on that day. This shopping festival will be supported by two ecommerce platforms of Alibaba: Tmall and Taobao.

This year is the “10th Anniversary of Tmall & Taobao Double 11 Carnival". It is reported that the Tmall Double 11 promotional activities are fully upgraded, and the online and offline activities break out at the same time. There are lots of promotions such as the Pre-sale deposit, red packets, wish lists and others. Some domestic APPs have joined hands with Alibaba economy for the Double 11 carnival, providing offers to customers!

Now, the Tmall Double 11 promotion has already started on October 20th, details here:

Pre-sale period (Oct 20th-Oct 31st): this part has been simplified and upgraded this year, which starts with the deposit and red packets and more;

Warm-up period (Nov 1st - Nov 10th): some single items are still on pre-sale, and you can continue to get the red packets, wish list, and money tree and other offers;

Outbreak period (Nov 11th): all offers are breaking out. The various red packets and cash rewards received before can be used on Double 11.

Important time note: Oct 20th, Oct 31st, Nov 1st, Nov 11th

Pre-sale Details

Deposit payment time: Oct 20th, 0:00 - Nov 10th, 22:00

Payment deadline: Nov 11 01:00:00 - Nov 11 23:59:59

During the pre-sale period this year, the number of pre-sale items increases and is cheaper than usual. More products of each category will be selected to the pre-sale activity than before. Pre-sale goods will be paid with discounts and deposit for final payment. More Pre-sale information, please click Here

Trust me! You'll regret it if you still have no idea how to participate in this shopping Carnival! To make it easier for you buy something cheaper with good quality from Tmall and Taobao, we provide 5 steps here to help you:

First Step, find out what you need; if you have no idea with it, here are the TOP20 categories from Superbuy (www.Superbuy.com) that provided by customers from all over the world for your reference:















Socks/ leggings/stockings




Cellphone casing

Kitchen accessories











Low-cut shoes


Lady bags



Hair accessories


DIY accessories

Men’s bag

Canvas shoes

Second Step, translate your keywords via google translation; select a language and input the text, and then translate it into Chinese (simplified). For example, when you input “hoodie”, you can get keywords “连帽衫”, then copy this Chinese word.

Third Step, visit www.taobao.com, and paste the Chinese(simplified) word “连帽衫” in the search box and click the button “搜索” to start searching. Please don’t worry if you can’t read the Chinese, as you can translate the page into English by google translation Extension program.

You can translate the page into English with the google translation Extension program:

Fourth Step, select a product you prefer and then copy the product link. Before Nov 10th, you can get discount with the deposit rules. But if you don’t pay the deposit before Nov 10th, you cannot join the pre-sale promotion. Of course there are other offers for your choice!

Fifth Step, visit the popular worldwide shopping agent website, www.Superbuy.com, and then paste the product link above in the search box, click Buy for me button to search.

Then you can choose the size, color, and quantity of the product, and editthe product final price here, and click “Buy now” to submit an order.

Please note that if you want the shopping agent service from Superbuy, you need to pay the final payment first, and leave notice in your order before Nov 10th so that we can help you get the on-sale price from Tmall and Taobao during the pre-sale period.

Sixth Step, logo in/sign up your Superbuy account to finish the payment. If you have already got a Superbuy account, just Log in Here directly, and if you are new to Superbuy, you can Sign up a new Superbuy account. (If you have any trouble during the process, you can visit help center: https://www.superbuy.com/en/page/help/?utm_source=popup, or contact the 24-hour customer service of Superbuy).

Now the Tmall and Taobao Double 11 Carnival Pre-sale has started. If you want to get these on-sale products in an easy way, come to us and enjoy the Superbuy 5-star customer service. Please Note that the pre-sale activity deadline is Nov 10th!

For other latest news about Double 11 carnival, please visit Here and we’ll keep update. http://www.cnpopup.com/haitao.html

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